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Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Companies - 2018

With the rising costs of healthcare, there is a growing concern amongst healthcare professionals that the traditional approach to treating patients isn’t enough. This has led to the concept of population health, where the providers manage everything from preventive and maintenance care to long-term care for specific populations. Medical records extending from across the care providers, allow the modernization of workflows facilitating access to clinical data. This improves the accuracy and flow of health information as population health considers the ‘population’ to be an entire community and not just those who visit the doctor’s office.

The providers identify that the success of population health depends on several factors, from public health interventions, genetics, medical care to social factors such as employment, education, and more. The emergence of advanced data granularity and prescriptive analytics that enable patients, providers, and payers to customize care helps population health providers. It effectively leverages the data to stratify patients by risks and build targeted care plans that drive better outcomes and reduce costs. The advanced analytics tools can be utilized for care coordination, uniting care teams that include providers, health systems, community organizations, and payers. All kinds of stakeholders collaborate to assist in delivering, whole-person care within heterogeneous populations. Assistance is provided for staying in tune with value-based care reimbursement model and accurately determine the role of various factors that affect the population health.

Healthcare IT vendors and population health providers can access and evaluate data that can enhance care delivery. The action is powered to those who adopt preventative care and chronic disease management programs. These vendors range from providing reports to supporting endemic and fatal disease like cancer. The providers have a cancer informatics platform and advanced patient engagement tools that help the oncology department. There are comprehensive, accessible technologies designed to improve outcomes for patients treated for addictions, behavioral health illnesses, maintain electronic health record (EHR), patient engagement, and revenue cycle management services. With effective cloud-based workflow management, the providers can manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes. The patient outreaches and encounters across numerable roles and clinical settings within team-based population health care delivery models have become the hallmark of simplicity, enabling rapid implementation across the organization. The providers not only conduct monitoring, measuring and managing the delivery and cost of healthcare, but it is carried out from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones also.

However, the market today abounds with a bevy of population health management solution providers and finding the ones who can help organizations implement robust population health programs could be difficult. To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has shortlisted the leading population health management solution providers who are at the forefront of imparting cutting-edge solutions to meet the urgent needs of the growing industry.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Population Health Management technology companies

  • Ciox has advanced the healthcare industry through better health information management and exchange of health information. Our broad reach in medical records extends across industries, allowing us to modernize workflows, facilitate access to clinical data, and improve the accuracy and flow of health information. The company helps its clients manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes. Ciox Health aims to enable greater health by improving the way health information is managed by streamlining the data collection process and comprehensively recording the details related for stakeholders

  • Always geared up for everything, GSI Health offers solutions for population health management challenges. The company recognizes that organizations don’t stand alone, but are part of a larger ecosystem of providers requiring interconnection not just in the technical sense, but in how they work as part of a team. The approach of GSI provides a personalized experience for the clients and for the patients and populations. The company’s platform: GSIHealthCoordinator, is built specifically for care coordination, uniting care teams that include providers, health systems, community organizations, and payers of all kinds to help deliver collaborative, whole-person care within complex populations

  • ODH, Inc. is an innovative healthcare solutions company that leverages technology and clinical expertise to transform the management and economics of behavioral healthcare. The company focuses on providing holistic solutions to tackle the scarcity of attention in the field of behavioral healthcare. Equipped with an expert team, the firm delivers integrated healthcare plans that are efficient and scalable patient engagement models personalized to each of the cases in order to fulfill the support necessary. Sophisticated methods to simplify clinical workflow, engage patients in their care, and optimize performance to support quality measure reporting is also ODH’s forte

  • Performance Clinical Systems is a privately-held healthcare information technology and business solutions company. The company’s cloud-based workflow management system, Symphony, proactively manages patient outreach and encounters across various roles and clinical settings within team-based population health care delivery models. The hallmark of our solutions is simplicity, which enables rapid understanding, adoption, and impact within an organization. Algorithms tailor “on the fly” checklists based on case-specific care needs, prior patient encounters, payer contract requirements, and the specific role of a core team member. Additionally, Symphony creates an electronic trail for care and contract compliance reporting

  • StratusLink, a data management and advanced analytics platform, enables decision-makers at all levels to quickly access, analyze and share comprehensive patient health data to inform better decisions, deliver more accurate performance metrics and ensure the right information gets to the right place at the right time. The healthcare interoperability platform— StratusLink brings all clinical, financial, and operational data together in one secure location. There is no more waiting for reports or trying to access trapped or siloed data. StratusLink utilizes existing EMR/EHR and other IT technology systems and requires no additional IT personnel

  • Allscripts


    Allscripts is a renowned provider in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial, and operational results. The firm’s innovative solutions connect people, places, and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health. Connectivity empowers caregivers to make better decisions and deliver better care for healthier populations. With more than 30 years of experience, Allscripts take pride in partnering with and connecting consumers, providers, payers, and communities. Today, Allscripts partnership and solutions, including electronic health record (EHR), population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management services, enable organizations worldwide—of all sizes—to change what’s possible in healthcare

  • Caradigm


    Inspirata, Inc. helps patients fighting cancer, and the clinicians they trust, make every moment matter. Its comprehensive cancer informatics solutions bring together disparate data throughout the entire cancer care journey to drive informed decisions that improve survivorship. Inspirata has assembled the most advanced and proven technologies to help address the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting ground-breaking research. By combining leading digital pathology solutions with automated cancer registry solutions, comprehensive cancer informatics, and advanced patient engagement tools to bring the broadest oncology informatics platform available globally. Inspirata’s mission is to develop and deliver the most comprehensive, innovative cancer informatics solutions available in the world

  • Cerner


    Cerner is a renowned supplier of health care information technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes. Around the world, health organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries turn to Cerner for its powerful yet intuitive solutions. Cerner offers clients a dedicated focus on health care, an end-to-end solution and service portfolio, and proven market leadership. The team at Cerner is devoted to improving the quality of life for everyone and seeks to enhance communities through the development of healthy and educated individuals

  • HealthEC


    HealthEC is a leading innovator and KLAS-recognized Population Health Management solution that integrates electronic patient data from any source (claims, clinical, community-based) and applies sophisticated analytics to identify provider-specific patterns and guide patient care interventions. The comprehensive platform helps customers coordinate care and maximize incentive payments by identifying and managing high risk and chronically ill patients and addressing gaps in care. HealthEC's mission is to enable healthcare organizations to maintain the health of their population by aggregating information from all sources and translating that knowledge into implementable actions that lower costs and improve quality, with clear, measurable outcomes

  • MAP Health Management

    MAP Health Management

    Addiction is a chronic disease affecting millions of individuals annually, Since inception, MAP’s mission has been to save lives and improve outcomes for millions of people and families suffering from Substance Use Disorders. MAP is working closely with health care insurers, treatment providers and other organizations across the country to deliver and scale tech-enabled peer recovery support services, outcomes tracking and predictive analytics solutions designed to provide long-term recovery support, enable early intervention and improve clinical and financial outcomes for individuals, families and organizations alike