Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers - 2018

With the rising costs of healthcare, there is a growing concern amongst healthcare professionals that the traditional approach to treating patients isn’t enough. This leads to the concept of population health where the providers manage everything from preventive and maintenance care to long-term care for specific populations. Population health considers the ‘population’ to be an entire community and not just those who visit the doctor’s office.

The providers identify that the success of population health depends on a number of factors, from public health interventions, genetics, medical care to social factors such as employment, education, and more. The emergence of advanced analytics tools has come to help population health providers effectively leverage the data to stratify patients by risks and build targeted care plans that drive better outcomes and reduce costs. This also helps providers to stay in tune with value-based care reimbursement model and accurately determine the role of various factors that affect the population health.

Population health providers, aspiring to adopt preventative care and chronic disease management programs, look for healthcare IT vendors to access and evaluate data that can enhance care delivery. However, the market today abounds with a bevy of population health management solution providers and finding the ones who can help organizations implement robust population health programs could be difficult. To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has shortlisted the leading population health management solution providers who are at the forefront of imparting cutting-edge solutions to meet the urgent needs of the industry.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers - 2018.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Allscripts Provides physicians, hospitals, and health care providers with practice management and electronic health record technology
Caradigm A GE Healthcare Company offering intelligent healthcare analytics and population health management solutions
Cerner Provides intelligent health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware to organizations of every size
Ciox Health Ciox streamlines the data aggregation processes and presents a single comprehensive record to healthcare providers, health organizations, clinicians, and patients
GSI Health Provides a population health management platform that supports collaborative “whole person” care and delivers actionable insights to optimize population health management within complex populations
HealthEC Delivers data granularity and prescriptive analytics that enable patients, providers and payers to customize care, thereby improving quality and health economics for every stakeholder
MAP Health Management A population health management organization offering comprehensive, accessible technologies designed to improve outcomes for patients treated for addictions and other behavioral health illnesses
ODH, Inc Provides innovative healthcare solutions that leverage technology and clinical expertise to enable the delivery of integrated healthcare
Performance Clinical Systems A leading healthcare IT solutions company, that provides a robust cloud-based workflow management platform, namely Symphony
Stratus Interoperable StratusLink is a revolutionary Data Management and Business Intelligence PaaS that provides the data access, control, analysis and exchange capabilities organizations need to compete in the value-based healthcare economy