Top Population Health Management Solution Companies
GSI Health: Proactivity is the Key to Value- Based Care

Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Companies - 2019

Today, population health management (PHM) has become a key priority for the wider healthcare system as it fosters a patient-centric, data-driven approach to ascertain both—the physical and mental health of populations. In such a scenario, many healthcare providers in the U.S. are embarking on a journey of transformation to improve the health of the citizens by shifting from a reactive to proactive healthcare model, continually monitoring the status of patients at-risk.

However, to accomplish this feat efficiently and cost-effectively, healthcare providers require a slew of technologies to integrate, aggregate, and analyze patient data by correctly deploying the clinical, financial, and administrative sources. Addressing this issue, solution providers are offering impeccable PHM tools with the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies for better management of health population data.

As an effort to help healthcare providers strategize their PHM and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Healthcare Tech Outlook’s 2019 edition brings to you some of the pioneer solution providers with a trove full of technological backups to help your organization stay aligned with the ever-changing healthcare landscape. In this issue of ‘Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers,’ we have listed out few leading companies bringing their best solution on the floor and talking about how it can change your organization’s PHM for better. For instance, one of the featured companies in the magazine—Insignia Health— is disrupting traditional health coaching and education models through its rigorously-validated Patient Activation Measure (PAM) survey. With this, the company is building the foundation for person-centered care, based on a person’s level of activation.

To further substantiate the PHM tech transformation, CIOs working in the healthcare realm have also provided insights about new innovations, industrial happenings, and their advice to the aspiring CIOs seeking for it.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Population Health Management Solution Companies

  • Coherent Eye Care (Coherent) is a management services organization specializing in the development of clinically integrated eye care networks (CIENs) designed to deliver value base eye care and population eye health services

  • The company enables healthcare providers to offer clinically-intelligent conversations and deliver smart and automated patient engagement and experiences. The cloud-based Conversa Conversation Platform (CCP) offers mobile-enabled and automated, personalized digital conversations that help patients and care teams communicate around health experiences including post-discharge, pre- and post-surgery, and even lifestyle health coaching. Being a purpose-built conversational AI platform for care management and population health use cases, Conversa streamlines the patient’s overall health journey to offer integration into the patient record to create profile-driven chats. Moreover, the company optimizes patient engagement, care team satisfaction, and clinical and financial outcomes with its proven solution that provides targeted patient outreach, coordinated care management, and continuous patient care

  • Founded in 2003, GSI Health is one of today's leading providers of care coordination tools supporting value-based programs. GSI Health identifies complex or higher risk patients and members who can benefit from more intensive care coordination, and addresses not only their medical issues, but also the behavioral and social determinants that affect patient health. By bringing various virtual care teams together, GSI Health has been assisting several states in the development of architectures and operational models for healthcare information exchange. GSI Health has provided leadership for many cutting-edge initiatives that continue to shape the healthcare industry

  • The company is a specialty Population Health Management (PHM) company focused on progressive diseases, with particular expertise in kidney populations. The company has earned Population Health Management (PHM) in Health Plan Accreditation Prevalidation status from the NCQA for its IT platform, COMPASS v6, and future versions of the COMPASS platform. Healthmap utilizes its proprietary COMPASS platform to apply its prevalidation analytics to a population of people who are chronically ill with kidney disease.Healthmap then uses its superior predictive analytics to provide oversight and collaboration with Nephrologists, Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), and other care management constituents to ensure all interactions are focused on improving a patient's quality of care

  • Insignia Health is disrupting the healthcare industry with the intelligently designed Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) survey. The Oregon-based health company was founded in 2006 and has since been continually empowering healthcare organizations worldwide in improving a patient’s journey through the four levels of health activation. Viewing the measurement of patient activation as a key vital sign, PAM provides an added layer of perspective and insight, which helps to streamline the allocation of resources for healthcare professionals and consumers. By leveraging PAM, clinicians’ abilities to identify prospective risks and misallocated resources are enhanced, allowing them to better educate patients, leading to reductions in unwarranted healthcare utilization and lower overall costs over time

  • Navvis is a population health market maker – working with physician organizations, health plans, and health systems to build, operate and manage new business models that accelerate and fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. We create alignment in markets by facilitating unique partnerships between key market players. Addressing the entire population and people from all walks of life, we support all payers, payment models and lines of business, connect the full continuum of care, and activate all providers, caregivers, and family members. This model solves the underlying systemic issues in each market, creating real change. The result is a healthcare ecosystem that never stops caring – one that is sustainable and eliminates complexity for consumers empowers providers and reduces the high cost of the system

  • Revel is a next-gen healthcare technology company that helps healthcare organizations bridge the gap between engagement and health action. Revel’s approach combines sophisticated behavioral science methods with advanced technologies to drive highly personalized messaging campaigns across multiple communications channels. Revel's advanced, data-driven health action platform, Revel Connect, uses a powerful combination of behavioral science, data, and advanced analytics to create health action programs that build significantly more meaningful and therefore more effective, connections with each individual within the member population. Revel helps healthcare organizations connect with members and patients in a personalized way to build better healthcare consumer experiences, drive positive health action, and improve health outcomes

  • Headquartered in Nanuet, NY Stratus Interoperable was founded by healthcare data and technology leaders committed to building an all-in-one tool that would provide the data access, analysis, and distribution capabilities needed by healthcare organizations to continually improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and compete in the Value-based economy. StratusLink, their revolutionary Data Management, and Business Intelligence platform puts all the data right at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it. Their advanced, easy-to-use analytics will enable you to link care cost with care quality, manage risk, deliver increased performance and ensure that you can get the right information to the right place at the right time

  • Allscripts(NASDAQ:MDRX)


    Allscripts is one of the best companies in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial, and operational results. Their innovative solutions connect people, places, and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health. Connectivity empowers caregivers to make better decisions and deliver better care for healthier populations. Founded in 1986, the company is based in Chicago. Allscripts offers Acute Care EHR, Revenue Cycle & Access Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Care Management, Emergency Dept, Connectivity, EHR, ePrescribing, Revenue Cycle, Practice Management, Document Mgmt, Supply Chain, Homecare Automation, and Referral Mgmt

  • Cerner(NASDAQ:CERN)


    For 40 years, Cerner has worked at the intersection of health care and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. They use the latest technology to create solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health. They support their clients by surfacing data that enables them to make informed decisions for better management of operations while arming their clinicians with the information they need to provide smarter care. Established in 1979, Cerner offers Millennium, Health care, HIT, Information Technology, Population Health, Revenue Cycle, EHR, and Interoperability. Their tools are designed to work for today and think for tomorrow