GSI Health: Population Health Management Platform Optimizes Healthcare Delivery

GSI Health: Population Health Management Platform Optimizes Healthcare Delivery

LeRoy Jones, Founder & CEO, GSI HealthLeRoy Jones, Founder & CEO, GSI Health
As more organizations evolve from fee-for-service to value-based care, it is clear that population health management is critical to success. Effective population health management techniques can help organizations find strategies that work for their specific business models, allowing them to take on risk while remaining profitable.

GSI Health, a leading healthcare IT firm, provides a population health management platform that improves efficiency by enabling not only the coordination and tracking of community-based care, but also the extraction of insights and continual synthesis of improvements in care delivery. Its GSIHealthCoordinator platform enables clients to orchestrate complex care with different patient populations, care teams, workflows, and reporting analysis requirements, with strong integration that incorporates diverse data into the care management workflow and shares care management data so that all users remain informed. “Whole person care requires a diverse team of practitioners and service providers who can assist a patient from illness to wellness,” says LeRoy Jones, Founder and CEO, GSI Health. “The care team should include every discipline that can impact a patient’s care.”

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Enables Proactive Care

GSI Health’s population health management platform combines care management with analytics and a robust interoperability layer so that interdisciplinary care teams can work together to identify and manage those factors that stand in the way of good outcomes, including medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health. What makes GSIHealthCoordinator unique is that it focuses on collaboration, enabling providers across the continuum to proactively collaborate on what should happen to patients in the future—a different paradigm than simply documenting and sharing what has already been done. “This change from active care to proactive care is the single biggest epiphany that our customers have had,” says Mr. Jones.

The platform enables organizations to promote information sharing and accountability across interdisciplinary care teams through configurable workflows that drive tasks, interventions, and alerts from a universal care plan. The platform delivers timely information and insights to care team members across multiple inpatient, ambulatory, and community-based settings to ensure alignment and improve efficiency and outcomes. “Integrating data across a broad footprint of users enables our clients to better understand their population, learn from it, and improve their processes to become more efficient and improve their outcomes,” says Mr. Jones.

Using GSIHealthCoordinator as an enabling technology, our customers are solving the problem of healthcare every day

Effective Population Health Management Saves Costs

GSI Health clients are addressing the challenges of value-based care by aligning technology driven population health management using GSIHealthCoordinator with a clinical model featuring integrated care teams and universal care plans. This approach enables whole-person care by addressing social determinants of health alongside clinical, behavioral, and mental health to remove barriers that impact the overall health and cost of complex patients. Organizations have been able to significantly reduce admissions, readmissions, and emergency department utilization, resulting in savings of nearly$1,000 per patient per month. And when managing challenging populations like Medicare and Medicaid patients, multi-year savings can total millions of dollars.

Enabling Customer Success

GSI Health’s success can be attributed to the company’s holistic view of population health management that addresses the entire life cycle of the patient and the patient’s care. The company’s technology enables its customers to chart a course of continual improvement, optimizing operations around partners, disciplines, and technologies to produce a predictable outcome.“Finding what works for an organization and repeating those activities to produce a predictable rate of success gets to the soul of population health management,” says Mr. Jones. “Using GSIHealthCoordinator as an enabling technology, our customers are solving the problem of healthcare every day.”