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Conversa Health: How Conversa Helped Northwell Health Improve Patient Engagement

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West Shell III, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, Conversa HealthWest Shell III, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, Conversa Health
Over the years, the healthcare sector has been striving to cope up with the limitations of the visit-centric mode of treatment, where the lack of physician-to-patient communication remains a significant challenge. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, a research and consulting firm, by 2021, 85 percent of all consumer interactions with enterprises will be automated—and health care is expected to play a significant role in that development. Northwell Health, the largest health care provider and private employer in New York State with 23 hospitals and about 750 outpatient facilities, has been renowned in the industry for its approach toward healthcare innovation. The company has more than 13,600 affiliated physicians and 70,000 employees who are working to change the healthcare industry for the better.

Unleashing the Power of Effective Patient Engagement

In order to meet the objectives of value-based care and improve patient engagement and retention, the industry has begun embracing automated patient engagement technology. Data-driven automation enables better communication, resulting in the high-performing health system, and better clinical outcomes—around chronic condition management, cost-effective primary care, medication adherence, and patient education. With the increasing trend among patients to be active participants in their care, Northwell Health needed a solution that could help to extend the care team’s capabilities and personalize a patient’s journey more effectively. Perfectly poised to address these concerns was Conversa Health—one of the leading patient relationship management solution providers. Founded in 2013, Conversa is spearheading the automated digital health sector by bridging the traditional care gaps with its scalable, conversational AI chatbot technology. As Healthcare’s Conversation Platform, Conversa provides an easy and meaningful way for care teams and patients to communicate. The cloud-based Conversa Conversation Platform (CCP) allows healthcare organizations to offer mobile-enabled personalized digital conversation experiences across their patient populations at scale. These automated conversations help patients and care teams communicate around diverse health experiences such as post-discharge, pre-and post-surgery, and even lifestyle health coaching.

Leveraging the same, Northwell launched the Northwell Health Chats (powered by Conversa). It optimizes patient engagement, care team satisfaction, and clinical and financial outcomes through targeted patient outreach and coordinated care management. Northwell Health Chats empowered the patients to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their care team, while their clinicians closely monitor the patient’s evolving needs. Northwell partnered with Conversa Health to deliver against the “Quadruple Aim”—revolving around reducing costs, improving clinical outcomes, enhancing the patient experience, and strengthening clinician experience.

Results that Speak Volumes

Northwell Health Chats enabled a whole new level of population management by engaging patients in their care. The Health Chats have extended the care conversation and increased the number of clinical touch points outside the hospital and doctor’s office by automating personalized health messaging between care teams and patients.

Conversa utilizes several data sources, including patient’s wellness applications, biometric wearables, and EMRs, to deliver automated and clinically-intelligent conversations that enable continuous dialogue between patients and care teams

Northwell Navigators have been able to adjust their focus and better serve those who need more help or guidance based on the new insights provided by patients’ interactions.

Northwell reported that 70 percent of the enrolled patients engage with the platform, with an 85 percent conversation completion rate, and 98 percent of the patients stated that the chats helped manage their care. Based on its positive results, Northwell is further expanding the use of Conversa in areas including emergency department, radiation oncology, surgery, community health, department of medicine, research, and marketing/patient experience. Northwell plans to roll out their Health Chats across the enterprise to monitor care adherence, reduce the cost of care, and help to meet patient satisfaction measures. “Conversa is enabling Northwell to use innovative, scalable technology to improve care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management resulting in the improved well-being of our customers while also reducing costs,” explains Joe Schulman, SVP Population Health Business Transformation, Northwell Health.

Conversa’s Approach and Solution Delivery

With an extensive conversation library of over 1000 intelligent programs, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, and others, Conversa’s platform helps healthcare providers receive data in real-time. The company deploys diagnosis-specific modules that allow care providers to keep patients on track in their recovery and educate them on preventive care behaviors. Their structured approach further ensures high data integrity and minimizes escalations. Conversa’s secure and reliable conversational AI technology easily syncs with a patient portal, EHR, or any client’s application.

Moreover, the company optimizes patient engagement, care team satisfaction, and clinical and financial outcomes with its proven solution that provides targeted patient outreach, coordinated care management, and continuous patient care. Using Conversa, providers receive unprecedented patient health insights in real-time, which allows for the informed allocation of resources and ongoing adjustments to care and treatment plans. It enables Conversa’s clients to set parameters around the communication flows in order to escalate the issue to staff and the emergency services.

“Conversa utilizes several data sources, including patient’s wellness applications, biometric wearables, and EMRs, in addition to previous chat responses to automatically optimize the clinically-intelligent conversations. These conversations result in informed and meaningful relationships, and ultimately lead to improved clinical and financial outcomes,” asserts West Shell III, Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Conversa Health.

By delivering insightful, personalized patient care management efficiently at scale, Conversa has gained huge market traction. The company’s primary customers include healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, payers, and technology companies. Due to its consumer-centric platform, unparalleled efficacy, and thought leadership, Conversa has been adopted by many innovative health institutes such as Northwell Health, Atrium Health, University Hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. The company’s consumer-centric platform, proven outcomes, unparalleled efficacy along with the thought leadership result in best-in-class PHM, significant ROI improvements, and optimized clinical outcomes—make it a leader to watch in the digital health sector.

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Conversa Health

Conversa Health

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West Shell III, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman , Conversa Health

The company enables healthcare providers to offer clinically-intelligent conversations and deliver smart and automated patient engagement and experiences. The cloud-based Conversa Conversation Platform (CCP) offers mobile-enabled and automated, personalized digital conversations that help patients and care teams communicate around health experiences including post-discharge, pre- and post-surgery, and even lifestyle health coaching. Being a purpose-built conversational AI platform for care management and population health use cases, Conversa streamlines the patient’s overall health journey to offer integration into the patient record to create profile-driven chats. Moreover, the company optimizes patient engagement, care team satisfaction, and clinical and financial outcomes with its proven solution that provides targeted patient outreach, coordinated care management, and continuous patient care